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The Sherman Group Build

builds progress thread

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Sherman Group Build Photo Feature...

Sherman Group Build Photo Feature...

...the end results from the recent project United Kingdom - World War 2

Ken Holland31/12/2011 21:42:16
4975 forum posts
2686 photos
Hello to all members of MilMod Online and welcome to the start of the Sherman Group Build 2012.
First up let's refresh ourselves with the RULES OF THE GROUP BUILD as devised by Chris Meddings.

1. The build must be either a Sherman or Sherman derivative (M4 Chassis).

For example, in addition to Sherman gun tanks, funnies such as the Crab are allowed. Armoured Recovery Vehicles are also allowed. M10s and Achilles are allowed as is the M35 Prime Mover.

2. You can build a Sherman or Derivative from ANY period in history.

From the Prototype to the M51 ISherman, it all qualifies so long as its based on an M4 chassis. Got a postwar Sherman pic where its converted to a crane or farm tractor? It qualifies!
Please Note: RAM derivatives do not qualify as although the design was based on an M4 Chassis this was a very seperate Canadian built vehicle. Also, although similar, M3 Lee's or Grants and their variants do not qualify.
3. Any scale - any source.

You can build it in any scale you like, from 1/144 (or smaller if you can find it) to 1:1 (if you can managed it!)

You can scratchbuild it or use a kit. Use plastic, metal or resin (or card or whatever) so long as it complies with rule 1.

The only thing we ask in the GB is that people take an unstarted kit, or almost unstarted kit, and try to finish it within the timescale of the GB.

4. The Group Build will last for a period of 4 months.

All builds should commence on or after 1st January 2012. The group build will be closed at Midnight on 30th April and all completed builds may be submitted for a front page photofeature on the Group Build. You can build as many models as you like within this period.

5. Posting your progress.

Please post regular progress updates on this thread.
You can blog it seperately if you like, or not blog it all and just post regular updates in this thread.
Regular updates could be every time you spend some time with it at the bench, or just the main stages: (eg 1. running gear finished, 2 Hull finished. 3 turret and build finished and so on) its up to you.

6. This Thread.
Comments and discussion of the builds are very welcome here but to avoid this thread becoming too unwieldy (and slow), If you want research help or similar then please start a new thread or use the "pre-start discussion" thread.


Participants List - this is not exclusive so if anyone else wants to join in please do.
Where known I have included what that person intends to build.
Dan Reed - 1/72 DML M4A1 "Operation Cobra"
Craig Hiscock - Kelly's Heroes conversion on M4A3
Marc - M4A6 (conversion?)
Sean Emmott - DML Ic Hybrid Firefly
Sean Berry
Jason McCarthy - Sherman III Sicily-Italy / M4A3
Jaymes Crowther - 76mm M4A1 (Sherman IIA)
Ken Holland - Sherman V Dozer / Resicast Sherman DD / Sherman III Sicily-Italy
Rick Edens
Robin Buckland - something in 1/72
Johnny Gers - Formations M4A3 / Resicast Sherman Crab
Nick Lloyd - M4A3 105mm
Darren (Sherman) - Sherman BARV
Chris Langwade - M10 Achilles
Steve M - DML 1/72 105mm late
Mark Lambert - Calliope / Lend Lease Russian
Paul Murray
David Ward - Italeri M36
Martyn Crowther - Composite
Ross Moore - DML M4A1(76)W + diorama
PatrickH - Cyberhobby IDF M50 Super Sherman
PeterC - 2 x 1/72 Shermans
Tony Dill - Academy M36 Jackson
Mike Mortimer - M32 ARV
Daniel Gregory - M32 ARV / Academy M4A3 Dozer
SimonT - 1/15 scratchbuilt M51
Simon Hammerton - Sherman V / Resicast ARV
deejay - M36 Jackson 90mm
Neil Doman - DML Firefly Vc / DML Sherman M4A3(76)W
Graeme C. - Sherman Firefly Vc / M10 Achilles
jimbo - M35 prime mover
Nick Johnson - M4A3 105mm HVSS
Dave Rowe - M36 (if the parts turn up - M4A3 105mm HVSS as "plan B")
Le Chant (Stu)
Craig White
Derrick Slogrove
John Keogh - M4 105mm
Bob M1Carbine Holmstrom - IDF M50 Super Sherman
Ian Sinclair - DML Sherman III Sicily-Italy
Pat S. - Tamiya M4 / DML M4A4
Spanners570 (Ron)
Malcolm Shaw - M10 Achilles
Mark Simmons - IDF M51
Chris Smith - DML Sherman Ic hybrid Firefly
Richard Foenander - Academy IDF M51 Super Sherman
David Ralley - DML M4A2 Red Army / 1/48 Hobby Boss M4A3(76)W / Italeri M32 ARV
Nige - Academy M4A2 Sherman in Russian or Polish service
Ian Hextall -
This should be good so let's have some fun builds and discussions.
Dave Ward31/12/2011 22:26:13
2857 forum posts
2903 photos
before I actually start here are a few pics of what I am working with - nothing purchased specially - all out of my stash and spares box(es)!

And I hope it will end up something like this!!

Johnny Gers01/01/2012 13:51:48
13111 forum posts
3675 photos
I have removed big parts from resin blocks. Will use Friulmodel tracks and resicast boggies.

Ken Holland01/01/2012 14:09:29
4975 forum posts
2686 photos
Here'd what I'm starting with - a Dragon Sherman Vc Firefly that I'll be converting into a Sherman V Dozer using Resicasts M1 Dozer blade:

The gun and mantlet will need changing so I'll use the Resicast 75mm gun - and I'll need to fill in the loaders hatch too.
Here it is filled. I glued a sheet of plastic underneath and plastered the top with putty.

And after a bit of work with a sanding stick and some primer to show any flaws...
I'll also need to add a rear turret bin so I cast one myself in resin from a kit master.
Now to start work on the kit proper.

Craig White01/01/2012 15:54:35
1016 forum posts
19 photos
Well, this is what I'm doing, I've had a problem with my camera so have had to do these on the phone
and these:

I'll have to go through the spares boxes for stowage
(the hobbit feet are an added option)

Edited By Craig White on 01/01/2012 15:56:21

Ken Holland01/01/2012 16:08:46
4975 forum posts
2686 photos
Posted by Craig White on 01/01/2012 15:54:35:
(the hobbit feet are an added option)
Haha - I see what you mean Craig. Out of curiosity, why are you replacing the DML bogies?
Derrick - did you say something?
Just for info - I'll keep a master list updated with what folk are building to send to Robin at the end of the GB so he doesn't have to trawl through hundreds of posts if he does a feature on this.
Craig White01/01/2012 22:18:10
1016 forum posts
19 photos
Simple.I can't get on with Tasca bogies, I've looked at the tutorals posted here and on other sites but still can't do them, So usually pick up a set or two of these off Resicast at shows.
Ken Holland01/01/2012 22:48:06
4975 forum posts
2686 photos
Well, that's the hull more or less done.

As you can see, I've added the applique armour. It's not called out for the Vc but from what I've seen plenty of V's had it - and it was in the box, so...

Tools, tracks and rear lights etc still to add but I thought I'd make a start on the fiddly resin stuff before there's too many bits to knock off with my clumsy fingers.

(yes, that's an air bubble on the cross member that's in the process of being filled)
Johnny Gers01/01/2012 22:54:15
13111 forum posts
3675 photos
Like it Ken.When that dozer blade go's on it will look really good. Going to be a few mark fives made on this blog. My crab is one.

Neil doman01/01/2012 22:56:59
2866 forum posts
1820 photos
O.K then guys here we go !
Ive been looking forward to this GB since Chris Meddings proposed it.
DML 1/35 Sherman Firefly VC.
Sprue shots and a few extras for my first build.
A couple of close ups of the moulded texture.
more to come...........................

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