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Noel Baker14/03/2012 21:13:40
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Hi folks i have 2 dvds for some time pretty much untouched,so e and big bruv mac sat down with a brew to watch.As im sure you know Mac is very acomplished building and painting,where as i am Baldric with a pot o paint when it comes to finishing them off.So this i thought would be fun as Mac was snorting like a rodeo bull as a person [no names no pack drill placed a plastic helmet on his head]it made the worst school play look set fo the oscars.For me i thought i can let it run as i kit bash,otherwise its me and bruv in the shed as i get a master class.The 2 dvd's are MODULATION and PIGMENTS .With me i often get confused with the new crazes like TRITONAL and MODULATION,so these would show me the wood from the trees.IT WAS AT THIS POINT I NEARLY DROWNED ON TEA. Mac was hang on a sec rewind and so we both steped into the ligh .In all fairness they are well shot good sound and vision,not really available for the same effect from a mag .Some other parts bought will be to lift my skill base higher as i could build but was never satisfied with .May be this could be a run on akfor beginners cheers NOEL

Mac McConnell14/03/2012 22:28:43
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Guys they dont come much better then this i have to admit to being a DVD snob i was in for a bit of a shock as Noel said i put on the DVD kicked back to enjoy a cupa with little bruv no interest in the DVD OR SO I THOUGHT.


Moving pictures and well explained tutorials are first class i have been learning stuff which sort of burst my bubble but for you newer members this could be a great thread to discuss the the DVD Noels now got his lap top on his bench checking the DVD move for move.

Rgs Mac

Andy Argent14/03/2012 22:52:24
3819 forum posts
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Is that the Mig Night vision DVD,s chaps? if so i have both of these and that modulation one is what started me off in that p

DURR just read the title again ,Thicko or what.

Edited By Andy Argent on 14/03/2012 22:53:24

Noel Baker15/03/2012 01:16:57
654 forum posts
361 photos

Yes Andyhow you doing mate,well i have been shocked by these is this the Elephant in the room for modelers or fight cub II first rule of model club their is no dvd .Surley these have been around for a while yet no one has mentioned in other posts,that i think is a great shame the Redskins band had a song "Called Kick Over The Statues" that would roll with this.I am hoping that these cd,s plus some of their liquids that replicate doing the hair spray method well guys im immpressed cheers Noel.

Mac McConnell15/03/2012 07:34:59
5663 forum posts
1128 photos

Posted this quiet late yesterday mate i am sure theirs a lot of questionsquestion waiting but rather like my AK thread seems more people like to just look in rather then participateangry 2 before long i wont bother posting or bloggingcrying 2 i shall become like so many others and just watch and critisisethumbs down.

I Like Andy found the vid most soz old school DVD a real eye openerthumbs upstar simple things like the pigment fixer are so goodsmile o and how to apply all types of weathering priceless if you ask me i learnt more in an hour then i have in the last year factidea.

Any way sites loss is your gain you can have some one on one time get the sally movin.

Hope things pick up

Rgs Mac

Noel Baker15/03/2012 08:29:53
654 forum posts
361 photos

Yup your right on that score bruv cheers Noel.

Chris Meddings15/03/2012 08:42:25
9828 forum posts
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To be fair Mac, most people have probably been in bed while this has been up? also bear in mind a lot of people read here but not be registered, just browse and read then move on

I have seen the pigments DVD, it was very good but I just can't work out how they get the fixer to work. When I use the Mig fixer with Mig pigments, it invariably makes them dark and loses all the tonal variation. I gave up on their fixer in the end and now use Klear instead

Mac McConnell15/03/2012 09:05:13
5663 forum posts
1128 photos

Noel up early to day get your DVD on and paint my man

Chris With regards to the above Chris i do agree ,but Noel did double post and started at about 1400 hrs.

That said i do often find many hours of photo work not modelling are often looked at and not commented on but never mind some of my toys are back in the pram, but i am right off Big Ted LOL.

I got the AK fixer and pigments and have had no problems i shall post latter on the T62. PHOTOS ALREADY DONE THIS MORNING AT 0615 hows that for dedication found any good model shops yetquestion

Rgs Mac

Chris Meddings15/03/2012 09:20:21
9828 forum posts
791 photos

loads of good stores Mac. I'm 'reviewing' them all here:


Carlos FigureArt15/03/2012 09:32:05
7139 forum posts
1773 photos

Noel/Mac I got the first dvd from Mig,and the AK one on his whitewash finishing ... They are very helpfull,the AK one more so.

What I really need is the AK weathering/finishing in an hour ! It takes me weeks/months !!

You can read a ton of books and not get the jist,but an hr watching a dvd can drop it all in to place.

If I did a dvd on finishing it would need to come in a box set !!

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