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Vallejo Paint Rack...

...pictured by Brian O'Donoghue

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Brian O'Donoghue07/04/2012 12:00:47
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Hi Guys,

I agree that the metal paint rack looks great but it is quite flimsy and is easily knocked over due to the lack of weight on the base. The Sphere items are expensive, but then quality items do cost a bit more. I see no reason to prime them, you could if you wanted to but my preference is to leave them as they are.

I have the tool/paint brush rack (picture to follow) and that is a bit tougher due to how it is bent to shape. The main reason for my love of my Sphere rack is that it is perfect fit on my model table. They are well made and fit together easily, I guess that's down to the laser cutting process.

I guess at the end of the day it is all down to personal choice. The fact is that I had been looking for a decent something and I replaced two racks, a sheet of plastic, a small cutting mat, and loose stuff on a table to a single rack that never fell off the table.



Jonathan Page10/04/2012 15:41:21
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Hi Carl

our Sphere racks are £35 for the 2 tier which holds 89 Vallejo or 81 Tamiya.The large Vertical rack is the only one near £50 at £45. As we are an engineering design company I would be more than happy to look at designing a metal rack for you based on the Cammet one.


Jon Page

Posted by Carl Startin on 07/04/2012 11:30:29:

I like the look of the metal rack,having looked at the sphere paint racks they look WAY over priced for what they are ! Nearly fifty pounds and they really need painting or priming I think.

Brian D what makes the Sphere rack superior over the above metal one ?

Jonathan Page10/04/2012 15:42:16
10 forum posts

Many thanks for you kind coments regarding our products it is much appreciated.

Jon Page

Carlos FigureArt10/04/2012 16:02:19
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Hi Jonathan thanks for posting.

The one I mentioned was the large vertical rack,I would like this as for me it is probally the best for my workspace and a VERY neat idea to have them stored that way... just the price was the only reason I didnt buy at the time as I would like that rack.

The Cammet rack does look good and I like how it can be stood infront of a wall at the back of the bench and not taking much room up,but then it doesnt hold that many ... im a sucker for aesthetics though and this unit looks good to my eye !

Maybe I should save for the vertical rack or wait a while untill you have a promotion day for us ?! smile p wink 2

Not sure if it was here but are you developing a stand for armour painting ? if so a top idea and somthing again I need ...would be good if it was adjustable or maybe came in different sizes to suit say a tiger to a schwimmy smile

Thanks for the offer rgds the cammet design also



Jonathan Page10/04/2012 16:33:45
10 forum posts

Hi Carl

not sure if our paths are likely to cross at any shows this year but if you can get to see us I'll do you (or any other member of this forum) a deal on a vertical rack.

We have finalised the design of the armour stand and have passed a few on for testing; once we're sure there are no major issues with it we'll get it on our website and into our ebay shop.

Brian O'Donoghue10/04/2012 22:22:29
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Hi all,

As promised here is the brush rack that I purchased at the same time as the paint rack. It has a number of brush holders at the back and the slots at the front are for tools.



Andy Smith 112/04/2012 20:39:17
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GUYS!!.....Why are you spending good,well earned money on these racks?!......They`re SO expensive!!....Wouldn`t that money be spent better adding to your stash or paints?!!disgust,

I did a small thread a while ago with my "Home made solution"!!......It takes next to no time to make with very low cost!.....Surely we all have a drill,a saw,a ruler and a pencil?!.....What you may have to buy is a 25mm forstner bit and a bit of sawn 46x34mm planed wood,(both easy to come by at any of your local "Shed" outlets.......It will cost very few of our Earth pound notes!!........AND,for that length you`ll get(normally 1.8 m`s long) at least 27 Vallejo`s.......


....You can also segregate the holders for what you require,thse are basic vallejos.......


....These Model air and pigments.....

.....And,i need more for my Panzer paints,so,in progress.......


WIP......It`ll take minutes to make lads............Don`t waste your money......It`s simpleteeth 2,

If you`re interested,then view the album for the details,or PM me........No need to waste money chaps!!


Andy(ps,sorry,when i read that back it sounded like an advert!!........Not at all,No sales pitch,just offered info........DON`T WASTE MONEY!!

Edited By Andy Smith 1 on 12/04/2012 20:42:44

Jonathan Page23/05/2012 12:42:25
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Posted by Andy Smith 1 on 12/04/2012 20:39:17:

"GUYS!!.....Why are you spending good,well earned money on these racks?!......They`re SO expensive!!....Wouldn`t that money be spent better adding to your stash or paints?!!"

Or wouldn't your time be better spent making and painting your stash? cheeky

Brian O'Donoghue23/05/2012 21:11:33
1965 forum posts
781 photos
10 articles

I do like the thought of using 'home made' racks, then again I could save money by buying sheet styrene and make my own models or not using an airbrush as I could use paint brushes. cheeky

The point I would always make is that quality does cost and far better to support a UK based company. I would be the first to think about buying a paint rack but if I am totally honest the large vertical rack costs less than a new Dragon 1/35 kit. The rack will outlast any number of builds and have spent money on solutions that are not quite what I want, this includes a few homemade items. I can build and design a lot of stuff but the fact is I can't build stuff as well engineered as the Sphere stuff.


Brucer12/06/2012 20:43:17
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I had the idea that I could build something quite cheaply that would work for me as well as what Sphere is selling. Except that it took an entire Saturday in the shop with my father (the real reason I wanted to that, ). I could have spent that time doing something else. And on most days I would have. Are these paint racks worth what you pay for them? Yes. After all, isn't your time worth something? Mine isn't, anymore since I'm disabled. But I'm sure yours is (to you if to no one else).

One thing I would point out, though. These are made from MDF and MDF just _LOVES_ water. It will soak it up by the gallon and fall apart into a woody paste. Blech. So, if you're going to be handling water (hello, acrylics are _water_ based) around this MDF, you are _going_ to spill some on it somehow. It's not a matter of _if_ you get water on it but _when_. So, it really does need to be sealed or primed to prevent it from soaking up water and turning to mush. (I hear it rains a lot in the UK) So, if they don't seal it when it's manufactured, you should do it when you get it.

Protect your investment. Sealer or primer is cheap. And I wouldn't use Klear on it to seal it. It's water soluble. You should use an enamel based primer/sealer that is not soluble in water and not water permeable. I've been a wood-worker for over 40 years. I've had my share of disasters. (perhaps more than my share, dumb as I am, lol) MDF doesn't always turn to mush, but it _will_ swell when it gets wet and you can't get it back to its original shape/size. It also gets soft and will stay soft even when it dries.

Cheers, Bruce

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