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Build me up! My Braille workbench..

BV202, M3, vickers MK IVB, Bedford GS

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Jaymes Crowther07/04/2012 23:09:35
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Well I’m back well sort of but it’s the best induction you are going to receive from me

I’ve not been modelling much recently besides the odd Braille Scale and working on bits for my railway…Brian said something as another standing joke about finishing things well I presented my Sd.Kfz. 9 FAMO Half Track with earth spade which is finished ! HA! So here it is I need to take some new photomorgraphs of it really just time is limited as always and my computer is well and truly kaput. So when my bro is at work or I’m at college I’ll update my blog then …right If I’ve posted my flymo before I’ll apologise but I wanted to start showing a finished build to get the ball rolling….

Onto what I’m working on next which is this rather interesting BW Models BV 202 Volvo All terrain vehicle. Originally designed for the Swedish Army but it saw Service in Norway with the Army, RAF and Royal Marines as a multi-purpose carrier, artillery tractor, REME support vehicle, mortar carrier, ambulance I also believe it went to the Falklands (if someone could confirm that I’ll be happy) the whole kit is white metal and if you haven’t had the experience with BW Models you have been warned…the instructions are really vague with only three well basic drawings and a lorry load of text which didn’t really make sense…Luckily I managed to get some decent picks from the one stored at Cosford and nicked the couple of Prime Portal….The interior was a pant’s fit although it’s only got five bits to it. Two seats, Dash board and Steering wheel…Ok it has four Once this was completed I realised the whole cab is warped so I’m at a loss without already starting ! 0.o I primed the interior and the floor pan which was then sprayed NATO Green from Tamiya, I glued the running gear to the floor pan. I gave the interior and seats a dry brush with buff just to lighten up the interior and give it some aid so you might have a chance in seeing it. I the front and rear to the cab went on with a bit of persuasion. I’m not happy with it by all means the casting is a real let down I am really seriously thinking of scratch build a new complete front tractor unit and going from there next time but I will persist and get it completed…

The trailer is a lot simpler It went together a lot quicker than I though although some serious filling was required along with constructing new frames which need toning down. Oh and I’ve added the grab handles and the Mud guards to both vehicles

More soon as I am working my way through projects the reason I’m blogging again is just to motivate stuff and get some techniques polished off and wrapped up and to enjoy modelling again really…comments welcome good or bad! I’ve got another two projects to introduce and once they are completed I will then add new builds as I go along. Cheers!


P.s Simon I stole your idea although I think I have another one of these threads somewhere....

Jaymes Crowther07/04/2012 23:15:02
4456 forum posts
447 photos

Found the old I had an accident with some of the projects and dropping the box they were in so I have salvaged some which will finally get finished on this blog...oh and Chris Langwade don't mention the book.....


Chris Langwade07/04/2012 23:30:02
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looking good so far Jaymes..

what book ?..........wink 2

Jaymes Crowther07/04/2012 23:36:15
4456 forum posts
447 photos

Hilarious....The one you thought Martyn brought

Chris Langwade08/04/2012 01:46:33
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SimonT08/04/2012 07:05:05
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Hi Jaymes - no problem wink 2 good to see you back again

I have always had a liking for the Hagglunds / Volvo Snowcats and the later BV206 - there was a BV202 in the long defunct Beverly Transport Museum that i visited regularly

I took loads of photos so if you need anything specific let me know and i will dig them out of the cupboard and see if i can find what you want

Will you be going for the black / white or black / green ?

Detail looks a bit sparse but it does capture the look rather well

Hope you don't mind me pointing out that those mud flaps are a bit on the very thick side - those shiny pizza leaflets that constantly get shoved through the door would make a good representation if you don't have any 5thou plastic card

Have you seen the newer BvS10 - looks very cool with grenade launchers, bar armour and a .50 in a turret! BvS10


Robin Buckland08/04/2012 10:35:15
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Hi Jaymes,

Nice to see you back, and with one finished..! wink 2

Have fun with the rest of your projects, including the BV of course thumbs up

Robin teeth 2

Jaymes Crowther08/04/2012 10:54:21
4456 forum posts
447 photos

Simon thanks buddy. Yeah ive got a soft spot for them aswell just something about them. I have noticed the mudguards are a tad thick although they have been painted ive got some sper thin metal sheet i pinched from college so i'll knock some replacements up this week. Im going to paint it black and white for a bit of different. I'm going to do another one with hopes to have ago at the viking one day...i was going to detail the thing but the temptation of painting it got the better of me. ,

Hi Robin thankyou! Yes it is nice to finish something for once i'll post some more updates this week when i'm home.


Jaymes Crowther11/04/2012 17:42:55
4456 forum posts
447 photos

Update time....Sorry for not updating sooner I’ve been at my girlfriend’s the last few day’s so modelling has been non existent but ever cloud and all that…I gave the BV 202 a spray of Halfords grey, then another spray of Black as the start of the Camouflage which is going to be black and white. I am planning to do the camouflage tomorrow night all being well.

I know the mudguards are over scale and some casting imperfections but I really couldn’t be bothered to fix them as the casting is a real let down this is going to be another future build to correct the imperfections….Next onto the theatre is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time is Vickers M.K IVB with an interior….I have been fond of this little vehicle I knew someone that drove one in North Africa and he told me how he escaped from a POW camp three times after being knocked out as the tank shell went straight through the tank. It sort of reminds me of a gypsy’s caravan seeing it all stowed up. I’m using the old JB Models kit which you can now get under the Airfix brand which Richard Oram built on site here if you want to see one built up. I’ve managed to find some interior photo’s from an example at the tank museum. The bulkhead compartments were drawn and double check to fit so far I’ve added a few of the fitting’s seen from the photographs all I need to add is the drivers chair and his steering arms then the interior will be almost complete. Whether or not I will add the turret’s interior is another thing because you’re not going to see a lot but I will know it’s still there! Lol. Sorry for the photo’s but the interior is only 20mm long so I’m playing around with the settings for acceptable photos for you guys.

Any comments critiscm or ramblings are welcome as I make some progress I will get some photographs up! All the best


SimonT11/04/2012 21:22:18
10446 forum posts
8545 photos

Hi Jaymes - another of my favourites thumbs up

You asked for ramblings so here are mine...

Don't know how much accuracy you are going for but from what I can see, the interior is looking a bit off

Looks too long front to back

The engine bulkhead stops just behind the driver at a lateral bulkhead with a doorway in it then goes off at an angle to the right side of the hull. The bulkhead slopes slightly - if you check pictures you can see the line of it by the diagonal rivet line


Hope this helps


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