1/32 Revell Messerschmitt Me262 B-1/U-1 Nightfighter

The story of the jet-powered Messerschmitt Me262 is well known, in that it was an outstanding aircraft whose role was mishandled at a senior level. Rather than leaving the aircraft in its intended role as a fighter, attention was diverted from the masses of Allied bombers and instead the fighter bomber role was allocated. However, its entry into the war was late and any realistic chance of the Me262 being a tide turner had already passed. Another role it was immediately well suited to was that of the night fighter. Only a handful of the two-seat Me262B-1As were converted into this role, but whilst serving with 10 Staffel, NjG 11 over Berlin, these night fighters made quite a nuisance of themselves especially against the virtually untouchable Mosquito. The conversion of the B-1A included the fitment of a FuG 218 Neptun high-VHF radar in the rear cockpit and a set of ‘stag antler’ (Hirschgeweih) antenna with short dipole elements installed in the nose. With these items in place the aircraft was designated as the Me262B-1/U-1.

Revell have chosen a cracking subject here and on top of that, this is one of the best quality kits from the German manufacturer I’ve seen in a while. The scale helps no end; 1/32 being particularly good for aircraft especially when it comes to detailing of cockpits and engines. The Revell time line for the 1/32 Me262 goes back to 1971 but this kit is a new tool for 2016 and the quality of the moulding reflects this. The size of the box gives away how good this kit is from the outset; the 222 parts are contained on 13 sprues and these pack out the open ending box. A very comprehensive semi-gloss decal sheet is provided for a pair of aircraft; one ‘Red 12’ and the other ‘Red 8’ both serving with 10./NjG 11 based at Schleswig in May 1945. The decal sheet also includes a full set of seat harnesses, instrumentation, numerous maintenance stencil marks and a standard set of tone-downed night fighter German crosses, although you will have to find your own swastikas.

The A4 full colour 28-page instruction booklet takes us through the build process via 94 stages, although depending on whether you are presenting the aircraft as clean airborne machine or all hatches open on the ground, not all of these will be necessary. Take some time deciding which presentation to start as it really would be a shame to not expose the cockpit, bank of 30mm Mk 108 cannon in the nose and the Junkers Jumo 004 engines.  

Panels opened or closed this really is a very nice kit and once again Revell have managed to produce it at an affordable price. If you fancy trying something different and you like your ‘big’ night fighters, this one cannot be overlooked!    

Thanks very much to Revell for supplying this kit to Military Modelling. 


Product: Construction kit

Ref: 04995

Scale: 1/32

Parts: 222

Price: approx £32

Manufacturer: Revell

Website: www.revell.de/en