1/35 Master Box Ltd (MB) German Infantry, WWII era. Early Period

Outstanding box art by I Varavin whets the appetite before you have even opened the box of MBs latest set of figures. This five-figure box set is of German Infantry in action during the early stages of the Second World War. They are posed in a street fighting style; an officer to the rear with binoculars scans for threats while is men make a break for it. The two lead men are carrying ammo boxes for a MG 34/42 while two others provide cover.

Inside the attractive box is a pair of sprues filled with nicely moulded resin parts thanks to sculptor A Gagarin. One sprue is allocated to the figures themselves while the other is packed with an array of suitable weapons. So many of the latter in fact, your spares box will most definitely benefit.

MB really is superb at producing these types of figure sets and thanks to the excellent mould quality, the modeller will be rewarded for his efforts. Highly recommended product for all figure modellers and diorama builders.   

Thanks very much to Creative Models for supplying this kit to Military Modelling. 


Product: Construction kit

Ref: MB35177

Scale: 1/35

Parts: approx 120 (46 for the figures)

Price: approx £8-&10

Manufacturer: MB

Website: www.mbltd.info/