1/35 Master Box Ltd (MB) Somewhere in Saigon

Vietnam War Series

As part of the Vietnam War Series is this interesting group of figures which has a military theme but apart from one small side arm there is not a weapon to be seen. The scene is one that has been performed across the globe for thousands of years which involves two women practicing the oldest profession in the world in company with their pimp who is negotiating with a couple of cash laden GIs. Obviously these figures could be used in any scene but it is clever of MB to present them this way and again, just like the previous set reviewed, a refreshing break from the norm. Sculpted by A Gagarin, with box art by I Varavin, this is another quality set of figures with well-moulded, well-detailed parts.

As usual with all MB kits, there are no instructions but there are five annotated images of the completed figures (fully painted) accompanied by a shot of the sprue with part numbers added (these do not appear on the sprue). A small colour chart gives you Vallejo or Lifecolor options and the images are also annotated with the appropriate colour code.   

Thanks very much to Mary at Master Box for this sample and to Creative Models for passing it on to us. Creative Models is the UK distributor for this kit. www.creativemodels.co.uk  


Product: Construction kit

Ref: MB35185

Scale: 1/35

Parts: 32

Price: £10.50 (Creative)

Manufacturer: MB

Website: www.mbltd.info/