Sovereign 2000 German Fallschirmjager Middle East/Italy

I’ve been passed a few of these Sovereign 2000 kits to review; this one’s a German Fallschirmjager from the Italian or Middle East theatre of WWII. The kit is nicely sculpted and cast in a grey resin that appears as though it’ll be easy to work with. Mould lines are there, but should be relatively easy to clean up.

The kit totals just three parts – the main casting of almost the whole model -  then there’s the head as a separate part and the holstered pistol as another. Part fit is good and there’s nothing to catch the modeller out.

The pose is relaxed and whilst the badge on the right of the chest does seem a little on the large side, you’ll be able to knock this back by either carving the cast detail off completely, or replacing it with a decal, or just paint it a little smaller.

One other thing to note is the hand tucked in the belt, again this does look a little like a bunch of bananas, but with a bit of carefully applied paint, the knuckles could be highlighted to give the hand form – Ok you could add some veins on the back of the hand too, but I’ll leave you to find a suitable magnifying glass for that little project.

I think this piece might be more for the AFV modeller, simply because he’d look good standing next to a tank or artillery piece to give it scale, but isn’t necessarily connected to it – so a burnt out or damaged vehicle could have him standing next to it.

The head could be swapped out for one of the bare heads from Hornet if you wanted, or perhaps one of the ones with a paratrooper helmet on too.

So yes, without a little work it’s not perfect for a stand-alone figure that’s got to weather the jaded eye of close scrutiny, but it’ll grace the side of a vehicle well enough, or hidden in a small crowd, it’ll be fine. If you’re willing to put an amount of work in though, this could be a nice little project for the figure painter, with the kit posed next to a doorway or at the corner of a building.


Product: Resin Kit

Ref: u/k

Scale: 1/35

Parts: 3

Price: £9.00

Manufacturer: Sovereign 2000