TaHK – Modern Russian Tankers (Engine Repair)

TaHk, from Russia, are no strangers for many figure and armour modellers, they are known for highly quality resin figures. This set comprises of three members of a tank crew who are inspecting the engine of their tank. The first figure appears to be the commander with one foot resting on a turret box, the second figure is standing holding onto a raised section of engine decking and the third is half sitting/slouching looking at the engine compartment.

Each of the figures comprises five parts a body, right arm, left arm and a choice of heads; there is a choice of either a peaked Spetznaz cap or a Russian Ushanka. Two of the figures are wearing jackboots (sapogi) with the remaining figure wearing standard military lace up boots. All three figures are wearing winter parkas with one of the figures having a hood and all of them have standard combat trousers. When painting, the modeller will need to take care as the modern Russian camouflage uniforms have quite a fine pattern.

All three figures exhibit fine moulding with undercuts to collars and some of the pockets and all of the uniforms have fine folds and creases. This set does look like kit would work with the recent T72 release from Meng Model, especially as they have released a separate engine. With this in mind the modeller could also display these figures with the T90, BMPT or the upcoming BMR-3M also from Meng Model.

This set come highly recommended for all modern Russian fans, these figures would also represent any nation that purchases uniforms and equipment from Russia.

TaHK are available from Models Hobby. My thanks go to Yaroslav Padalko for shipping my set promptly after purchase.

Product: Resin figure kit

Ref: T-35189

Scale: 1/35

Parts: 15

Price: approx £32

Manufacturer: TaHK

Website: available from www.models-hobby.com