AK Interactive 1945 Panzer Colours

Title: 1945 German Colors
Author: Editor - Fernando Vallejo
Publisher: AK Interactive
ISBN: 843-6-53557-403-7

...Camouflage Profile Guide
This new title from AK Interactive is a large format soft-cover book filled with colour profiles of German AFVs from the final stage of WW2.  The bulk of the book is filled with colour profiles, though the introductory text comes from Mig Jimenez and Carlos Cuesta of AK Interactive, all the content edited together by Fernando Vallejo.  That introduction includes the facts that colours are difficult to confirm, as interpretation of black and white photos, along with dust and all the other factors talked about so often make it a topic of lasting discussion.
However, the bulk of this 72-page book is filled with excellent colour profiles of a wide variety of German vehicles from this late period in the war.  From Pz IV to Panther, King Tiger, Stugs and a variety of half tracks, there are all sorts of ideas here to give some inspiration for your next model.  In the final two sections in the book are a couple of examples of Mig's well known models, beautifully done and photographed as you'd expect.  In addition to this though is a section devoted to those Paper Panzers, the designs the Germans planned on using had the war gone on into 1946.  With equipment such as the E-25, E-50, E-75 and E-100, along with Maus and the Panther II, these give some interesting ideas if you are unsure how to finish these models in terms of camouflage.
A number of the schemes feature the 'disc' style camouflage which makes for some interesting looking schemes, and perhaps some of the best illustrations I recall seeing of this style as well.
Overall another well produced book from Mig Jimenez and AK Interactive, one I am certain many modellers will add to their bookshelves as an inspiration for camouflage finishes for their German amour models.  Very much a book produced for modellers.
My thanks to AK Interactive, who kindly provided our example
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