Classy Hobby 1/16 Fuel Drums and Jerry cans

Released at the same time as their new 1/16 Luchs is a useful accessory pack from Classy Hobby.  This will be useful for vehicle modellers in this large scale, as well as for use as scenic accessories for figure dioramas and vignettes in 120mm scale as well.  A simple set but done very nicely.  It includes four of the larger 200ltr fuel drums along with 8 20ltr Jerry cans.  The drums are simple, in two halves plus the top and bottom disks, which have the embossed lettering on them, and then two small caps, one on the side and the other on the top lid.

The Jerry cans involve the two halves, the cap and handles plus etch parts to recreate the centre weld seam from where the two halves of the cans were welded together.  Easy to assemble, sandwiching the etch seam between the two halves of the can.  This just leaves it for you to paint to suit the setting/period you are using in your model.

Early days as their website is not up and running yet (it is being built).  Hannant's are to be the UK importer.