Ed' LRDG Chevy and Breda 20mm
I'm very pleased to present a photo feature from one of our quite new members, Edmund Schnabel.  What Ed has built within a blog recently was been this limited edition version of the old Tamiya 1/35 LRDG (Long Range Desert group) Chevrolet 30cwt truck, with the addition of a towed 20mm Breda gun.  In this case Ed took off the carriage and mounted it in the back of the truck, along with a set of 4 crew figures from New World Miniatures plus some additional details he has added himself.
What we see is a well loaded truck, very characteristic of the unit, as they had to be able to support themselves while way behind enemy lines, and in a desert that could be a very harsh environment.  In case you missed the build while Ed was doing it, there is a link to his blog below.  Do have a look and see how he went about the build, and managed to achieve some very nice painting and weathering effects to get this excellent result from what is stil one of Tamiya's older models.
Thanks to Edmund for sending through the photos.  You will see a few different backgrounds as he was keen to get the best results and had about 3 goes to getting the pictures.  I've made a selection from among them all to give a good look at the whole vehicle, and in addition some close-ups which give an extra view of the figures and some of the fine painting and detail work he has achieved.  I for one look forward to seeing what Ed does next!