Box art
Not long ago we had news of an Ausf C from AFV Club in 1/48, now we see an Ausf D released from Tamiya in their rapidly growing 1/48 range.  It is moulded in the usual style and quality that we expect from Tamiya  of course.  Also nice to see is that it includes a couple of crew figures and a good deal of personal kit which can be added to help make the half-track look 'lived in'.  There isn't the level of small, fine detail parts that we sometimes see these days, so it should be a straightforward assembly task
One of the points I like is the use of the solid moulded 'link-and-length' track, which I find makes up well and which Tamiya are doing well these days.  There are 3 finishing options provided for in the markings, one on the Eastern Front, another in Warsaw and a final one in Normandy.  If you go for the Normandy one, you will likely want to replace the figures, as they are depicted in the heavier winter uniforms and boots.
As I have started on the AFV Club Ausf C, I will have to build this one alongside and compare the two.  So if I might borrow a phrase from someone for this one, 'I'll be back...'.  Meanwhile, now they've done one, I wonder if we will see other varants of the 251D appear from Tamiya in future?...
Tamiya are imported to the UK by The Hobby Company, who kindly provided our example.

You can see details of the full range on their website at Tamiya