Plastic Soldier Co 1/72 Churchill Tank

Designed primarily as a quick assembly kit for wargamers, these ar popular with many collectors of small scale AFVs as well.  The latest to be released by the Plastic Soldier Company and on sale this weekend at 'Warfare 2013' in Reading, is this, their 1/72 Churchill.  There are two complete kits in the box, and they can be assembled as a basic Mk IV, the Mk IV 75mm armed gun tank, a Mk V 95mm Support tank or a Mk III Petard equipped AVRE.  With the cast turret, and some elements simplified a bit (like the detail on the track shoes and lack of detail to the inside road wheels) it does indeed assemble very cleanly and quickly.  The commanders cupola gives you a choice, as there is one with the hatches closed and another with them moulded in the open position so you can fit the commander in place.  They also include some extra lengths of track which can be put on the hull or turret as extra armour.  Assembly instructions are included.  The end result, for a quick build model, looks good.  The one thing I have started doing on the AVRE that I have built is to open out the end of the petard mortar barrel.  No markings are provided in the kit, but there is a good selection of transfers available separately in the Plastic Soldier range.

Thanks to Will at the Plastic Soldier Company for our example.

For more detail see The Plastic Soldier Company website