Armourfast 1/72 wargames model of the Pz IV Ausf D

Here's a new one from Armourfast, with their series of 1/72 quick assembly models designed primarily for wargamers and also ideal for youngsters.  Good value for money as you get two complete models in the box.  Assembly is quite simple, and the instructions are provided on the back of the box.  Two identical sprues in the box and you get to build two tanks.  The stepped front plate of the Ausf D is a distinctive feature, along with the one-piece hatches on the sides of the turret.

This is simplified for ease of assembly and handling on a wargames table or by youbgsters.  ideal to encourage them to have a go at the hobby.  The only thing I found missing was the hull mg barrel, which though on the assembly guide is not included on the sprue.  However, for a simplified model, a short length of rod will do just as well.  The other thing not included, as with the remainder of the range, there are no transfers for markings included, so these you must source from your spares box or aftermarket sets.

Our thanks to Armourfast for our example, this kit is on sale now. See the Armourfast website for their full range details.