Plastic Soldier 1/72 Panzer IV set
Aimed primarily at wargamers, this is the second 1/72 kit release from the Plastic Soldier Company, and following their T34 set we have this one, for the Panzer IV.  The first impression comes from the box being packed full of sprues.  There are a total of 6 sprues, with two per model, and giving a total of 3 Panzer IVs that are included in the pack.  All in a hard plastic.  You have the choice to make them up as an Ausf F1, F2, G or H, depending on whitch parts you use.  So go for the short 75 or long 75mm guns, add side skirts or not to turret and/or hull depending on the version you wnat.  The different parts are highlighted on a guide sheet inside the box, colour coding the parts for each variant.  The only thing missed out, but the part is on the sprue, is for the air filter that goes on the right hand side of the superstructure, if you go for that variant.
The kit is in hard plastic, but simple enough to assemble.  maybe not the level of fine detail a collector might want from say a Dragon kit, but perfect, and great value for money, for wargamers who are after full gaming units, for youngsters, or maybe someone just wanting a large number of Pz IVs, say to build a 1-for-1 tank company/regiment.
This is a well thought through kit design to make the different variants all possible in the one kit, and I particualrly like the way they use the track in 2 sections, the top and bottom runs, to fit around the running gear units.  Even the track sag is moulded into the top run, and which looks really good.  The only thing you will need to do is use a sharp craft knife to remove an ejector pin mark on the inside run of the tracks.  There are about 4 on each run, but they are hidden by the wheels once assembled, and it is just one will need to be cut down to get them to sit perfectly.  A very minor issue and easy enough to deal with.  I also like the inclusion of a choice of commanders cupola top, with open or closed hatches.  If you go for the open ones, they also include the upper body of a commander, and there is a choice of 2 for each tank.  Nice touch and they will stand up to handling on a gaming table.   No transfers are provided but there are plenty of aftermarket options available
Thanks to the Plastic Soldier Company for our example. 

For more detail see The Plastic Soldier Company website