Yahu 1/32 Instrument Panels

A new range of upgrade accessories from Poland, in the form of cockpit instrument panels and other accessory parts to add some extra detail to a model.  They make they in a variety of scales, but he we can have a look at three of their sets to go with 1/32 models.  First is an instrument panel to use on a Spitfire Mk II, and this includes the face to add the compass to it as well.  No 'instructions' as such for fitting them, other than a simple diagram or two.  This looks super, which haopefuilly you can see here int he photo, with clearly printed instruments, colour for some details, and the look of the 'glazed' instruments works a treat.  Just a second smaller pabnel to fit on the centre, plus the compass, and you just need to add it to your model.

Two other sets here, one for a set of latches to go on the panels that fits just in front of the coskpit, and one which covers the breeches of the nose mounted guns.  If you make you model with the panel removed to desiplay the gins themselves. then these can add detail to show the opened latches on the panel.

The third one is for a WW1 type, the German Albatros D.V, and again provides some beautifully done instruments to fit out the open cockpit.

Yahu 1/32 Spitfire Mk II Instrument Panel

Thanks to Urszula Bargiel at Yahu Models for our examples.

To order, or for more details, see the Yahu website.