Airfix Sea Harrier FRS 1 box art
I think there is a good case to claim the Harrier as one of the world's great aircraft designs.  This, the first carrier borne Royal Navy variant, the FRS 1 proved itself more than just novelty factor when it showed the world it's ability in combat against the Argentine fast jets in the Falkland Islands during Operation Corporate, in 1982.  It may not have been supersonic, but the ability to operate them from locations without the need for a conventional airfield runway, plus their manouverability in air combat proved very successful.  The vertical, or very short take-off and landing cabability, was a winner.
This is a newly tooled kit from Airfix, and more signs of the investment Hornby are making in revitalising the Airfix brand.  Even the eye catching new style of box art shows the attraction in this well established brand name.  It isn't a complex model, but that is reflected in the prices being kept to a reasonable level.  The marking options provided aim themselves squarely at memories of the Falklands conflict.  The original sea grey and white colours of peacetime (a 1979 example), then the overall light and dark greys of the Falklands war period, with their dulled down roundels, as the white element was removed to leave just dark blue and red.  These stayed in use long after the conflict was over (as in the 1988 example)
The other nice element about the latest Airfix releases I think are the all colour illustrations to show paint and markings instructions.  As part of that, take note of all the stencilling marking which are catered for and need the drawings to help you position them all.  A far cry from the original old Airfix transfer sheets. This one is in the shops now.

See the Airfix website for more details of their ranges