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STUKA 1:48

Airfix presents the Junkers Ju87R-2/B-2 Stuka in 1:48 scale.


Although usually associated with the Wehrmacht’s feared ‘Lightning War’ attacks at the beginning of WWII, the Ju87B Stuka was also a highly effective maritime strike bomber, capable of performing precision dive bombing attacks against any Allied vessel.


Available to buy online now or from your local stockist.


Junkers Ju87R-2/B-2 Stuka 1:48


Skill: 3

Number of parts: 158

Dimension (mm): L229xW288



"It is difficult to explain the enduring fascination with this unusual looking Luftwaffe strike aircraft, which spread terror across Europe and the Mediterranean during the early months of WWII. Considered obsolete by many after the aircraft’s mauling at the hands of the RAF during the Battle of Britain, the Stuka would actually go on to see action throughout WWII and remain in production until December 1944.


This latest Airfix release presents modellers with the option to build the long-range version of the ‘Bertha’ Stuka, which proved to be particularly successful against Allied shipping in the Mediterranean Theatre."


Michael Clegg

Flight Writer - Airfix and Corgi

A - Junker Ju 87R-2 Stuka, 2./Sturzkampfgeschwader 3, Greece, Spring 1941

B - Junker Ju 87R-2 Stuka, 2./Sturzkampfgeschwader 2 "Immelmann", Libya

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