AK Interactive – Vietnam U.S. Green & Camouflage

This release from AK Interactive is a boxed set of paints in their ‘Figure Series’, comprising of six 17ml bottles of paint. The box is one of AK Interactive’s newer versions with an illustration and a list of paints on the front and a few examples of typical Vietnam era uniform colours.

Inside the box there is a plastic tray contain the typical bottles of acrylic paint, the six colours are listed as; Dark Green, Light Green, Medium Green, Green Black, US Field Drab and Grey Green. The colours may prove very useful for those modellers who paint Vietnam era figures and will provide a good starting point when painting uniforms. However the paints inside the box are in fact from other sets, they appear to have come from a number of their dedicated World War 2 German uniform sets with the US Field Drab from another set.

I would have preferred a painting guide to have been included with this set bit overall this set can be recommended to those modellers who enjoy painting figures from the Vietnam era. The modeller will have large latitude with the uniform colours as the extreme environment encountered in this theatre of operations would alter the uniform colours.

Available from MJR Models & Hobbies www.mjrmodelsandhobbies.co.uk or see AK Interactive’s website.

Brian O’Donoghue


Product: Paints

Ref: AK3200

Parts: 6

Price: £17.99

Manufacturer: AK Interactive

Website: www.ak-interactive.com