Airfix 1/72 Harrier GR7/GR9 - Box art
I am of an age where I remember the early Harrier GR1 going into service, and when Airfix released their earliest kits of the aircraft in service, beyond the one of the earlier P1127 prototype.  They followed it later with the snub nosed GR3 and over the years have continued to update the kits as new versions of the Harrier have gone into service.  It is therfore great to see that in the capable hands of Hornby, the later versions, the GR7 and GR9 are now the subjects of this latest version of the aircraft to appear from them in kit form.
When you visit an airshow, the Harrier remains one of the top attractions.  Crowds still marvel at seeing an aircraft which can not only take-off and land vertically, but which can stop in mid-air, turn on it's own axis, bow to the crowd, and even go in reverse!  It never fails to fascinate even those who are not normally aircraft fans.
The new kit has their fine engraved panel lines, the detail on the interior of the cockpit walls (something never seen on those early models) and a host of stores which show the amazing load capacity of what is still a fairly small and compact aircraft.  A good selection of drop tanks, bombs and missiles are provided for in the box.
The other thing to mention though is the transfer sheet.  this is just so different from those early kits of the 1960s and '70s.  Have a look in the album below to see the sheet itself, and the number of airframe stencils that are now included, dozens and dozens of them.  In the instructions, two pages are devoted to showing where they all go, let alone the main markings for your chosen colour scheme.  This is a significant task in it's own right, so be prepared to put a good deal of time in placing all those small individual stencils.
All in all an excellent new model, and full marks to Airfix for the detail you find in their kits these days, it really does keep getting better.
Our thanks to Airfix for our example. 

See the Airfix website for more details of their ranges