Harpia Publishing, Arab Migs, Vol 6

Title:  Arab Migs, Volume 6...
Author: Tom Cooper and David Nicolle
Publisher:  Harpia Publishing
ISBN:  978-0-9854554-6-0

...October 1973 War, Part 2

This is the sixth part of a series of books by Harpia Publishing looking at the Arab Air Forces during the Arab Israeli wars between 1956 and 1973.  Volume 5 looked at the opening days of the 1973 Arab Israeli war while this last one in the series examines the remainder of the 1973 war.  There are 256 pages in this book alone, so if you add that to another 5 books of the same size, this really is a detailed examination of the topic and the result of some 40 years of dedicated research by the authors.  It is a soft-cover format with good quality paper, something which I find an important element and which really gives the meaning to the 'feel' of a printed book.  What makes this a significant series of books is that it along with the others in the series, are written mainly from an Arab viewpoint.  So many books in the past have been largely done using Israeli information sources and this is noticeably different.

I think it helps to just mention the 7 chapter titles to give you an idea of the general content.  Following a few pages of addenda and corrections for content in the first 5 volumes of the series it moves on into the new information, From Blunder to Blunder: Syria Under Pressure: The Myths of 14 October: Burnout: New War: Showdown: and A Long Way to Peace.  These are rounded off with 4 appendices, I. Logbooks of Egyptian Pilots, II. Course 264, III. Artworks and IV. Czechoslovak-Built MiG-15SB Fighter-Bombers for Iraq.

As well as the history of events, the book holds lots of personal accounts from pilots and those who were there to experience events, and these are used, among other things, to examine the various claims from both sides and provide some clarity on what happened.  It was a learning curve for both sides all the time, and a conflict where the two Cold War powers of the USA and the USSR supplied weaponry to  each side and the combat experience and performance of these weapons provided lessons that were used in the development of future equipment of both sides. It is a story which always brings to mind the basic story of George Orwell's famous book, '1984'.  Throughout the book there are some high quality archive photos, in both colour and black & white, plus maps and engagement diagrams.  Dotted among the pages throughout the book are additional red backed pages which give more information on a particular topic, sometimes an individual unit, other times a particular aspect of the conflict, such as the Israeli Nuclear capability.  It is Appendix III which provides a useful one for modellers, with 14 pages of fine colour profiles of a wide variety of aircraft.

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