Global creator of specialist themed collections and miniature models Atlas Editions is launching a new silver-plated pocket watch collection called ‘Aces of the Air’ featuring paintings of real World War II aircraft in action available from 6 March 2017.

The collection features fully functioning mechanical timepieces with traditional wind-up movements and a multitude of moving parts including balance wheel and gear train. Among the watches are a variety of features such as bevelled edges and finely milled winders.

To create such a unique collection, Atlas Editions teamed up with renowned UK aviation artist and owner of the Shoreham Aircraft Museum Geoff Nutkins and each pocket watch features a painting by Geoff depicting a real WWII plane flown by a real WWII pilot in a real engagement. Each pocket watch features an engraving on the back with the pilot’s name and squadron details and the date of the engagement. The collection launches with the ‘D-Day Spitfires’ pocket watch  - a painting of two Spitfires over Normandy on 6 June 1944, with Flt Lt Tony Cooper from 64 Squadron in the foreground.

Pocket watches have had a revival in recent years after Patek Philippe’s Henry Graves Supercomplication pocket watch was sold by Sotheby’s Geneva in 2014, smashing all records at auction by achieving an astronomical $24 million. Pocket watches have also become a fashion item again too with celebrities such as Justin Timberlake and Johnny Depp being pictured wearing them. They have also enjoyed a resurgence at weddings with many grooms wearing them on their special day.

Ian Fitzgerald, Managing Editor, Atlas Editions, said: “We are delighted to launch this unique and sought-after collection of pocket watches in homage to the knights of the skies in World War II – the ‘Aces of the Air’. Pocket watches have become extremely popular in recent years and this collection of mechanical timepieces is a stirring commemoration of the greatest aircraft of World War II. The watches themselves are high quality silver-plated pocket watches that will stand the test of time and will also build into a timeless and beautiful collection .”

Geoff Nutkins, aviation artist and owner of Shoreham Aircraft Museum, said: “I’m honoured that my World War II paintings feature on the Atlas Editions pocket watches. Each pocket watch in the collection is a real moment in time during World War II captured forever. The men that flew the planes were modern-day duellists who fought and died by a code of chivalry in an age of mechanised warfare. I’ve had a number of the enemy pilots from the paintings that feature in the pocket watch collection meet each other for the first time at the Shoreham Aircraft Museum and they have gone on to become friends. It’s wonderful to see the WWII aviation stories captured in such a unique way on these beautiful pocket watches.”

The Atlas Editions Aces of the Air Pocket Watches each come with a Certificate of Authenticity. The first pocket watch, ‘D-Day Spitfires’, is normally £2.99 with FREE postage and packaging exclusively from ‘D-Day Spitfires’ is the first pocket watch in the collection, with one available per month.


  1. The ‘D-Day Spitfires’ pocket watch is part of a collection, however there is no obligation to purchase additional watches, the customer can stop the collection at any time and can collect as many or as few as they wish. Each product comes with a full 14 days return period should the customer change their mind.

About Atlas Editions

Atlas Editions is a DeAgostini Group Company, founded in 1901 near Milan, Italy. The group is one of the world’s leading media players operating in over 40 countries with partwork publishing firms alongside TV Production houses and printers. Atlas Editions operates throughout Europe and Scandinavia, has over 5 million customers and sends out over 40 million parcels each year. In the UK Atlas Editions currently has 29 exclusive collections and is a specialist at producing die-cast metal models and high quality collectables across a variety of different themes suitable for the serious adult collector.


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