Aviattic 1/32 Small Refuelling Cart & Ground Crew

Review by Paul Carter


An interesting pair of products that have recently been passed to MM HQ from WWI Aviation specialist, Aviattic, is a small German refuelling cart and a pair of figures to go along with it in 1/32 Scale. 

  These products come in the standard Aviattic hard plastic open top box that will ensure safe transportation and storage. Made of stiff grey resin with no obvious pitting, there is some flash which will helps protect the smaller items, it will cut out easily using a sharp scalpel, the cleaned up products really are worth it.

  The Small Refuelling cart (ATTRES 014) is made up of 13 parts. The main fuel drum cast around the axles is a single part, while the wheels really do catch the eye with wooden wheel rims (known as Felloes) nicely sculptured. There is a separate hose that really does look the authentic while the pump system is crisply produced. There are no instructions for this in the box but they are available as a PDF from the Aviattic site.

  The Ground Crew (ATTR 011) to support the Cart are not surprisingly produced to a similar high standard.  The two figures, complete with a choice of three heads, are both portrayed standing, one at the pumping mechanism on the cart and one at the aircraft end. Moulded with a lot of character, I really like what must be a smelly old rag in the pocket of one of the figures, while the other figure has his belt and braces beautifully moulded, standing with his sleeves rolled up working with fuel, health and Safety would not be happy!!

  Over the last few years the 1/32 Scale aviation market has become very popular, driven in no small part by the superb Wingnut Wings range, and Aviattic have really pushed themselves forward with a wide range of products from a German Truck to an early TV Camera to complement this burgeoning market. This company always produces outstanding products and these two meet those standards.  Available from www.aviattic.co.uk, I thoroughly recommend these two products.


Product: Construction kit

Ref: ATTRES 014 (Refuelling Cart) & ATRR 011 (Ground Crew)

Scale: 1/32

Parts: 13 parts each

Price: Both  £22

Manufacturer: Aviattic

Website: www.aviattic.co.uk