Battlegate Games – Remote Weapons Station

Battlegate Games are a relatively new company based in China. I first came across them via Facebook and then via a small advert on a well-known modelling website. The company offers a wide range of diorama accessories including a number of weapon sets. The website comprises images of the various sets but none of the actual items.

  I purchased the M151 Protector Remote Weapons Station; this particular design matched a RWS that I had seen on a vehicle that I wanted to build. I ordered via the website and after nearly a month the item arrived in a small metal box. Inside the metal box was a well-protected resin item. The resin was relatively free from any casting flaws but there were a few pieces of silicone left from the casting process caught in the undercut areas. My only disappointments were that the weapon barrel was not straight and the cocking handle was cracked. The barrel will be replaced with an alternative brass item.

  Overall not a bad experience, it should be noted that many of the Battlegate Games items are now 3D printed and some items do exhibit distinct printing lines. I am also aware that the dispatch time depends if an item is in stock or if Battlegate Games have to print the item.


Product: Construction kit

Ref: n/a

Scale: 1/35

Parts: 1

Price: Approx £7

Manufacturer: Battlegate Games