.Dragon 1/35 Bergepanzer 38(t) Hetzer mit 2cm FlaK 38

Dragon have recently gone back to the subject of the Hetzer, and this is one of three they have done recently.  Using the hull of a Bergepanzer variant, so no hole in the front armour plate, they opened the roof and fitted a 2cm Flak 38.

The kit makes use of some elements from earlier kit releases, but has new parts not just for the upper hull, but also for the tracks.  Dragon have done them not in DS Styrene, nor in single links, but in what they call 'Neo', a style that I would describe as link-and-length.  So smaller links to fit around the drive sprocket and idler, but with longer lengths moulded as sections, and these also enable you to get just the right amount of track-sag set into them and thus making assembly easier and getting the right look to them.  The 20mm Flak 38 is their previous release that is included, so leaving the small trailer over as a spare.  The frame mounting for it, to fit inside the fighting compartment, is another of the new elements of the kit.  Ammunition boxes also have etch stowage frames.  The gun is very well detailed, and with the new mounting, there is a fair bit to do in these elements of the build.  With the inclusion of parts from previous kit, such as the Flakpanzer, you will find a fair number of unused parts on some sprues, which can be added to your spares box, including that little SdAnh (Sonder Anhanger) trailer.

Two colour schemes are offered as alternatives.  One in a multi-colour disruptive scheme and the other in plain overall dunkelgelb.  Both are from unidentified units in 1944.  It was a real-life conversion of an AFV so an interesting and more unusual choice which has plenty of visual interest.  I particularly like the new style track that Dragon have done for it.

Thanks to the Hobby Company, the UK importers and Dragon Models for our example.

For full information on all Dragon products, please see their website, Dragon Models Ltd.