Biber Leopard 1 Bridgelayer

By Kenneth Østergaard

Reviewed for Military Modelling by Brian O’Donoghue

Trackpad Publishing will need no introduction for some modellers as they are known for publishing high quality photographic reference titles. Once again this title is no different; this release covers the Biber Leopard 1 Bridgelayer.

  Tanks and armour require mobility and to counter this, opposing armies will dig anti-tank ditches. To overcome these obstacles many armies require support from their military engineers, these guys will often utilize a tank based vehicle often know as an Armoured Vehicle Bridge Layer or AVLB (pronounced Av-lab). These vehicles are at times older but nonetheless essential to many major armies of the world (and a firm favourite of mine as a former Royal Engineer).

  The author Kenneth Østergaard has once again not disappointed us with his study of the Biber. The book covers the vehicle, it's bridge and many details of this specialized vehicle. Interior photographs include the crew compartment and photographs of those mysterious panels seen on many vehicles. There are photographs included from other nations which operate and these include the Dutch, Australian (now retired) and of course the Danish army.

  Once again this is a book seriously aimed at the modeller and those with an interest in modern armour. Biber certainly delivers value for money; the maximum number of photographs on any one page is four and all of them in colour. For the modeller these images will prove to be very useful as they show all the areas that are often missed by the many kit manufacturers. There are a number of resin kits available of this vehicle and of course Revell produce a 1/72 version. We can all hope that this kit could be released as a styrene kit in a larger scale; I am sure that this book would prove even more invaluable.

  Thank you to Michael Shackleton of Trackpad Publishing for supplying this review copy.


ISBN: n/a

Price: £16.50

Pages: 80

Format: softback (landscape) – A4

Publisher: Trackpad Publishing