Black & White Technique by José Luis López

Jose Luis Lopez has written a number of modelling books, most are published through the Ammo Mig Jimenez label, this example being called the ‘Black and White Technique’. Based broadly around his own ground breaking painting style, it really is a massive move away from the pre and post shading styles that have become fashionable with a lot of modellers over recent years.  At its very simplest the technique involves using black and white paint as base layers for thin layers of the foundation colours, this gives the model an immediate faded and weathered effect, adding depth to a paint schemes. It will also give the modeller good starting point for chipping, dirt and scratches on the model.

  With over 110 pages lavishly illustrated in full colour, the background to the technique is explained, and then the whole process is demonstrated on a photo rich step-by-step process on four models.  Guest modeller Iain Hamilton also steps in and demonstrates his own interpretation of this technique on a HUMVEE. Not surprisingly, the painting process is supported by a specific set of paints produced by Ammo Mig Jimenez and available from the Web-site, however I am sure that that is not strictly a requirement to action the process.

  I know that this technique, and book, will not be on everybody’s want and to-do list, a lot of people will stick to what they know. But to me this technique does seem to be a really logical way of weathering and shading models and I have no doubt that this will rapidly produce excellent results for Airbrush armed novice and experienced modellers alike.

Thanks to Ammo Mig Jimenez for our review copy.


ISBN: 843-2074060161

Price: Approx £16.00

Pages: 110

Format: softback - 297mm x 215mm

Publisher: Ammo Mig Jimenez