British Cruisers of the Victorian Era

By Norman Friedman – Ship plans by A D Baker III

Originally published back in 2012, this is a 2017 reprint of this impression, a well-produced book which takes a look at the dramatic rise of the British Cruiser during the reign of Queen Victoria and beyond to 1906. As you can imagine this was a hostile period in British history and the development of its warships reflects this. This lovely book begins with the early steam paddle warships, takes a look at the evolution of screw-driven frigates, corvettes and sloops and steel-hulled cruising ships.

The book contains eight main chapters headed; Steam, sail and wooden hulls, Iron hulls, The first armoured cruisers, Fast steel cruisers, The torpedo and small cruisers, Big cruisers to protect commerce, The fast wing of the battle fleet (which includes an Appendix on Vickers designs) and Epilogue – Fisher’s Revolution. The photographs, which are all obviously black and white, are of a high quality throughout, all complemented by a large number of superb line drawings by A D Baker III with the exception of two produced by Paul Webb.

If you like warships then you will be interested in this large book; if you are interested in 19th Century and early 20th Century Cruiser this book is essential! Highly recommended and thanks to Charlie at Pen & Sword for our review copy.  


ISBN: 978-184832-099-4

Price: £45.00

Pages: 352

Format: hardback – 290mm x 250mm

Publisher: Seaforth Publishing