Bronco Skoda LT Vz35 & R-2 Tank

The Czech-designed Skoda LT Vz35 light tank, known to Germans as the Panzer 35(t), first entered service in 1936. Prior to the German occupation, Romania also showed an interest in the Vz35 and ordered 126 of them and redesignated them as the R-2. Only 434 were built and 244 of these were seized by the Germans, many of them seeing action in Poland, France and Russian before they were withdrawn from frontline operations in 1942. The 10.5ton tank was crewed by four, armed with a 3.7cm KwK 34(t) main gun, a pair of 7.92mm MG 37(t) machine guns and was powered by a 120hp four-cylinder, Skoda T11/0 engine. Quite a few of these sturdy little tanks remained in Bulgarian service as training vehicles into the 1950s. 

This Bronco kit has a large number of parts for a small tank even in 1/35. The 600+ parts are made up of seven main sprues, two upper hull and turret shells (Vz35 & R-2 versions), 240 track links in strips of twelve, a busy PE sheet with 70 parts and an equally busy decal sheet. A high quality A4, full colour instruction booklet presents 29 stages of the build backed off with no less than six colour and marking option pages. The latter covers four Romanian options, a Bulgarian machine and a Slovakian Army Vz35 who gained 52 of them when they split from Czechoslovakia at the same time as the German occupation. There is no ready moulded main hull with this kit, it’s literally built from the lower hull panel up and as such the internal detail is excellent. Features like the driver’s pedals, radio equipment, first aid box and rear of the engine compartment are very impressive. I would describe the build as ‘fiddly’ rather than complex thanks to the large number of small parts; that said, the finished machine will be well worth the effort.

Thanks to bronco for supplying Military Modelling with this kit for review. 


Product: Construction kit

Ref: CB-35105

Scale: 1/35

Parts: 600+

Price: approx £34

Manufacturer: Bronco