Bronco 1/35 TURAN I Hungarian Medium Tank 40.M

Based on the Czechoslovakian Skoda S-IIC dating back to 1937, the Turan I was a Hungarian medium tank which did not see action until 1944. The S-IIC eventually became the Skoda T-22 and a pair of these were dispatched to Hungary and licensed production of the Turan I began in 1941. Not geared up for tank production, progress was slow and only 285 were ever built. Powered by a 250hp Manfred Weiss engine, the Turan I weighed in at 18 tons which was partly contributed to by a reasonable standard of armour which was 50mm thick at the front. Main armament was a 40mm Skoda A-17 anti-tank gun backed up by a pair of 7.92mm machine guns. Never designed to go up against an opponent stronger than that fielded by its neighbours, the Hungarian Turans were no match for the Soviet T-34/85 and the IS-2s it encountered in 1944.

A new release for 2017, on opening the box you immediately realise that this build will be no ‘walk in the park’. 517 parts are contained on seven sprues backed up by 216 track links and 108 PE parts spread across two sheets. The complexity, as with most tanks, is of course the tracks and in this case the overly complex bogie units which would not look out of place on a train. That’s obviously no fault of Bronco’s; they have replicated how the Turan was built perfectly and in this case there is no interior detailing to worry about other than the driver’s seat and a few controls. With the latter in mind ‘The Bodi’ produce a nice 1/35 driver for the Turan (No.35108) which would help bring some life to this model when completed. Disregarding the running gear, the rest of Turan goes together very well and external detail, especially the heavy riveting has been replicated very well.

There is a good selection of decals and finishing options including the 1st Cavalry Tank Battalion, Hungary, March 1944; 3rd Tank Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Stainislav, April 1944 and the 3rd Tank Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Hungary, March 13, 1945. The nicest touch for me is the full sized PE side skirts which are incredibly effective.

Another unusual and brave subject to take on by Bronco; this is either a ‘ball-breaker’ or another major step up the experience ladder for you; either way this is another winner! Thanks to Jane Lu at Bronco for supplying Military Modelling with this kit for review.  


Product: Construction kit

Ref: CB-35120

Scale: 1/35

Parts: Approx 860 including 108 PE

Price: £35.99 (E-Models)

Manufacturer: Bronco