Bronco Humber Armoured Car Mk.III

One of the most successful British-built armoured cars, the first of the Humber’s entered service with the 11th Hussars in North Africa in late 1941. The Mk.III presented here was crewed by four, was armed with a 15mm BESA machine gun, a 7.92mm BESA machine gun and was powered by 90hp 6-cylinder Rootes petrol engine. The Mk.III differed from the rest by having a larger three-man turret (noticeable by the overhang) and space for a wireless operator which reduced the workload of the commander.

This latest Bronco offering is a rebox of the 2011/12 original which includes a number of updated and new parts. Considering its size, there is no shortage of the latter; this is a thoroughly comprehensive kit and the number of parts also reflects the amount of interior detail. The Mk.III is a very ‘busy’ vehicle inside and out and every piece of internal and external operational equipment is included. As usual, it seems such a shame to conceal all that interior detail and this would be a prime candidate for a cutaway or part-build presentation. This will be no weekend build; the high-quality glossy instruction booklet contains 50 build stages. There are two sheets of PE and a nice set of decals to represent vehicles serving with the 4th Reconnaissance Regiment, 4th Infantry Division, Italy 1944 and B Squadron, 11th Hussars, 2nd Armoured Division, Tripoli, 1943 not to mention a generic British Olive Drab vehicle represented by the pleasing box art. Highly recommended, a ‘no stone left unturned’ kit of a British-built military icon.   

Thanks to Bronco for supplying this impressive kit to Military Modelling for review.


Product: Plastic kit

Ref: CB35112

Scale: 1/35

Parts: Approx 800 plus PE (x70)

Price: Approx £33

Manufacturer: Bronco