Histoire et Collections, Carabiniers, 1679-1871

Title:  Carabiniers, 1679 - 1871
Author: Olivier Lapray and Andre Jouineau
Publisher:  Histoire and Collections
ISBN:  978-2-35250-274-6
Another new softcover book from Histoire and Collections is number 22 in their series on Officers and Soldiers of France.  Once again tt provides an excellent colour reference for modellers as it continues to tackle the colourful uniforms and equipment of the French army around the time of Napoleon. 
This one covers the period from when they were first formed in 1679 through to beyond the Empire in 1871.
Formed by Louis XIV who required his units to identify a marksmen in each Brigade of his bodyguard to be equipped with the new rifled carbines, a requirement expanded to all cavalry regiments to form a complete company of Carabiniers.  The organisation evolved as time went on, including throughout the revolution.  Likewise the change of the early Bearskin to a helmet and the use of the Cuirass.  It gives the history of the units through to their disbandment following the disaster that was the Franco-Prussian War in 1870.  Not a story I knew so I found this a very interesting background to the eye catching colours of their uniforms and equipment.

The chronological sequence in the book shows the various uniforms and equipment of the different units, and as is usual for this series, by far the bulk of the 82 pages consists of some really excellent colour artwork.  They show front and side views of mounted soldiers and foot soldiers and officers through those years.  Add to that particular details of rifles/muskets, uniform coats, headgear and so on.  With the mounted figures, you see the horse furniture and sheepskin or cloth saddle blankets as well.  Any modeller wanting some colour detail to help with painting a figure will love this one.  The  equally colourful Standards are included.  On my own view, when you look at a book like this, it rather makes you want to have a go at doing one of these figures, even if the Napoleonic era is not usually one you do figures for.
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