Trumpeter 1/35 ASU-85
I was pleased to see that Trumpeter have done the ASU-85, an 85mm self-propelled gun mount designed to be air portable and to accompany Russian airborne units into action.  Built using the PT-76 chassis as a basis, this was designed to replace the earlier ASU-57, which was an open top vehicle.  It served in the heart of the Cold War, from the late 1950s to the start of the 1970s, when it was replaced with the BMD.  It had the design of being used as fire suppport, and with some anti-tank capability, for airborne forces.

For a relatively small vehicle, this is packed with detail, and when you open the box it is striking just how many sprues are in the box. For starters it includes individual link tracks, so there are no less than 11 duplicate sprues to carry the links. Detailing on the hull, including the underside, is very good. Etch parts are used well, and then you have both fuel and oil (smoke) drums on the rear deck. Lots of fittings on the hull as well as those drums, with lights, tools, brush guards all having their places around a quite ‘busy’ model. Clear plastic is provided to cut for the vision devices, and brass wire provided to make the tow cable. This Cold War warrior make sup into a very nice addition to any collection of post-war Russian armour, and is a very welcome addition to what is now available in the form of plastic kits.
Thanks to the UK importers, Pocketbond, for our example.

For more details of the Trumpeter range, see their website