Pro Art 1/35 War Pig conversion
PAU35043 –Conversion detail set for M1078 LMTV Special Forces War Pig

Trumpeter’s release of the M1078 Light Medium Tactical Vehicle (LMTV) provides the basis of this conversion. The Mother Ship first seen by the Long Range Desert Group and by the Special Air Service during the Gulf War this vehicle conversion is the next step in the evolution. Although the Trumpeter kit is the M1078, War Pig is actually based on the M1081 Low Velocity Air Drop (LVAD) vehicle. The M1081 has a unique design and that the vehicle is designed to fit inside a C130, the US Special Forces used this part of the design to produce this vehicle. This conversion of the M1078 comes in the typical blue box with a photograph of a completed War Pig. This extensive conversion comprises of 92 resin pieces two sheets of etch one thick for the rear frame and a thinner sheet for the radio table and other details. The instructions comprise of two A4 sheets that are to be used in conjunction with the Trumpeter instructions.

This conversion kit provides a correct half height cab, a corrected dash and new seats for the driver and co-driver, there also plenty of additions for the air intake/filter, spare wheel carrier. The chassis receives a new fuel tank, tool boxes and details for the air brakes. The modeller has to supply copper or wire to replicate the brake lines. The instructions are not very clear for the placement of the brake lines but there a number of very clear photographs on the Pro Art website LINK. The rear load bed of this vehicle has a fabricated frame to hold fuel and water cans and any other stores for this vehicle, the thicker etch provides a more in scale look for this area. There are also two rear seats and one of these has a plate carrier moulded in situ on one seat and very well done it is. At the very rear of the load bed there are two posts attached for spare wheels, no spares are included and either LMTV wheels or Humvee wheel can be added. The instructions call out what additional sets can be used and the only weapon included is the FN MAG mounted on a swing arm.

Conclusion: This conversion is not for the feint hearted nor is it a complete kit as more sets have to be purchased to add the communications gear and weapons. A number of reviews have made a point that some of these missing items should have been included. However on reviewing this set it is my belief that this approach is correct. If the modeller already has purchased other accessories including communications sets then including them in the box would simply add duplication and add to the price. Likewise the lack of a main weapon gives the modeller the choice of what to add either the M2 .50 or a Mk19 Grenade Launcher.

To go with it, the following accessory sets are available separately -  
Pro Art 1/35 Duty Cases
PAU-35036 - Duty Cases
Pro Art 1/35 Tyres for War Pig

PAU35037 Realistic Sagged Tyres for FMTV – All resin (7 pieces)

With this release Pro Art models has pre-empted one of Trumpeters future releases. Trumpeter has scheduled a full complement of the FMTV range. The M1078 was the first release and this set can also be used for this and future vehicles, as Pro Art models have also released a conversion of the M1078 to produce Warpig the Special Forces mother ship this set can also be used for this conversion. The set comprises of 7 resin wheels, this includes the single spare wheel. This set is designed as a direct replacement for the Trumpeter parts, with the central tyre inflation tubing (part E1) to be added. The wheels are weighted and show some very fine details on the tyres, including manufacturers and tyre size details.

Conclusion: A straight forward and simple addition for this kit, as it is a straight swap for the plastic and vinyl tyres no problems should be encountered.

Pro Art 1/35 Modern Jerrycans
PAU35047 Jerry Can set for modern vehicles – Resin (35pieces) 7 Water 28 Fuel

If an army marches on its stomach then the vehicles certainly move on a diet of fuel. All military vehicles normally carry spare fuel and water and support vehicles always carry more. With the Pro Art models release of War Pig this set is designed to fill out the load area of this vehicle (or any other). The set comprises of 28 fuel cans with the three handles and 7 water cans with a single handle. All modern fuel and water cans are nominally 20 litres, the supplied fuel cans are well moulded with the typical indentation and a clear inscription that reads “FUEL 5G” the water cans are also similarly marked with the inscription “US, WATER”. The cans have moulding plugs on the case and the water cans will require the most clean up due to the design of the US water cans as they two ridges and six ‘feet’ bottom of each can. Current US cans come in both Tan and Green as they are moulded plastic unlike the older metal fuel cans and black plastic water cans.

Conclusion: A simple and effective load for any vehicle, it will take a little bit of work to clean up all of the cans. Painting the cans in Tan and Green will add a variety of colours to any load. 
Brian O'Donoghue

For more detail, see the Pro Art website