Centurion based APC in IDF Service – Part 3 by Michael Mass (Author) and Adam O’Brien (Editor)

The Puma APC entered service with the IDF in the mid-1980s, replacing the Shot-Cal, Magach and Merkava tanks in the roles of bridge laying, general dozer work and mine clearing. This typically high-quality book from Desert Eagle looks at the multiple Puma variants including the Meishar Bridge Adaptor, P Bridge, Viper ‘Tzefa’, Command ‘Pikud’, Dozer ‘Daqhpor’, Mine Roller ‘Nochri’ and Carpet ‘Ritzoof’. Picture quality throughout this book is outstanding and combined with drawings and charts, there are 180 of them. The mine laying equipment and adaptations alone boggle the mind and, for the modeller, will prove to be an excellent reference. The use of the ‘Tzefa’ trailer complete with its own Nochri Degem Dalet mine roller system behind a Puma is fascinating and would be a totally original subject in model form.

If nothing else, the book is an education as to how important and versatile the PUMA APC is in IDF service; the variety of roles that this vehicle can play on the battlefield makes it an amazing asset. I cannot recommend this latest from Desert Eagle highly enough. 

Special thanks to Wendy Myers at the Aviation Book Centre who are the UK distributer for Desert Eagle Publishing. Puma Heavy APC is available at www.aviationbookcentre.com (Product Code 00051MIL2).


ISBN: 978-965-7700-06-8

Price: £28.50

Pages: 84

Format: Softback – 280mm x 215mm

Publisher: Desert Eagle Publishing

Website: www.deserteagle-publishing.com