DG Artwork 1/9 Miniatures Coldstream Guards, Egypt 1882

There has been a marked increase in the popularity of large scale busts in the past few years with some absolutely stunning pieces being released. This is one of them. This large 1/9 bust depicts an officer of the Coldstream Guards during the Egyptian campaign of 1882. At the time the regulation uniform was still the red tunic and although this was to be phased out with the introduction of the lighter weight khaki, it isn't much of a stretch to imagine how uncomfortable this was in that particular climate. Maybe that goes some way to explain the angry expression on this particular face.

The bust comes sandwiched between two layers of foam packaged in a sturdy box adorned by several views of a superbly painted example. Although no painting guide is supplied, the box art gives a great view of the different colours to be used for each particular item.

This kit is flawlessly cast in a light grey resin that really highlights the uniform details and equipment. Each piece of webbing is faithfully reproduced and appears natural with some superb detail, especially on the buttons and rank badges. The folds and seams of each piece are extremely convincing and try as I might I couldn't find a single casting flaw.

Included is a separate right hand resting on a pistol holster, a lanyard being supplied to link everything together. This works really well, the pose of the hand and sculpting of the fingers in particular is very natural. For me the stand out feature of this piece though is the facial expression, this one just oozes character with just the right amount of officer sneer applied. Once the superb helmet is added this piece really comes to life.

If you haven't had the opportunity to paint one of these large scale busts and are looking for an excuse I would highly recommend this one, it is a colourful piece and full of character. Thanks to Dae-Hyeong, Kim for our sample.


Product: Resin figure kit

Ref: DG09B003

Scale: 1/9

Parts: 6

Price: approx £42

Manufacturer: DG-Artwork

Website: www.artworkdg.com