DG-Artwork 75mm Celt Warrior 1st Century, AD

Another striking addition to the DG-Artwork portfolio is this impressive Celt Warrior from around 2,000 years ago. He is in dramatic pose at full chat charging towards the enemy, sword at his side, spear in hand and shield on his back. This 75mm polyurethane resin figure, which was sculpted by Dae-Hyeong, Kim, comprises eight parts. Contained within a tough box (art by Alex Long), the parts are the main body, a pair of arms, a sheathed sword, a two handed spear, spear tip and a base. Prep work, as usual, has been kept to a minimum and the sculpting is to a high standard; mould lines are not evident. A very appealing subject which has been overlooked somewhat over the years; fair play to DG-Artwork for sticking their neck out and deviating from the mainstream. 

  Thanks to Dea-Hyoung, Kim at DG-Artwork for this figure which is available from his website or a wide number of online outlets.


Product: Resin figure kit

Ref: DG75F002

Scale: 75mm

Parts: 8

Price: approx £36

Manufacturer: DG-Artwork

Website: www.artworkdg.com