D.P. & G Technical Publications

No.837, 893 & 896

This is a welcome return for D.P. & G Technical Publications whose products have not been seen in our review pages since Ken Jones was the editor, so this is great news for the magazine. Among many other things, D.P & G specialize in reproducing ‘bite-sized’ military technical articles reproduced from the original large manual and presented as modern booklets. These contain first-hand information from technical experts at the time, rather than being diluted by post-event historians.

D.P. & G have supplied Military Modelling with three examples beginning with ‘The Development of the Landing Craft’ (No.837) by Rear-Admiral L E H Maund originally published in 1945. This has six pages of detailed text backed up by six more pages of illustrations (three of them fold-out) covering a range of landing craft from the LCV (P) to the large LCI (L). Second is ‘The French Tanks’ (No.893) by Mjr T E Compton which was originally published in 1920, contains 19 pages, two drawings and one map. Finally we have ‘The Evolution of the Armoured Fighting Vehicles’ by Mjr-Gen S C Peck which first appeared in 1930. This also contains 19 pages and 13 well-reproduced black and white photographs.

If you are incredibly lucky enough to own the original books these have been reproduced from, then you will have no need for these booklets. However, the odds of that are slim and these will prove to be very useful to the researcher and historian alike. Why not visit D.P. & G’s website – there are over a 1,000 technical publications to choose from not to mention a vast range of other goodies!                                                                           


ISBN: n/a


Price: £10ea

Pages: approx 20ea

Format: softback – 245mm x 158mm

Publisher: D.P. & G Military Publishers

Website: www.military-naval-history.co.uk