Dragon 1/35 Syrian Army T-34/85 ARAB (3571)

One of the most common tanks in the world during the post-war era was none other than the T-34/85 which was still a useful AFV right up to the late 1960s and with some army’s right up to the 1990s. One of the Middle Eastern operators was Syria which had a number of Czech-built T-34/85s in its inventory, many of which saw action during the Six-Day War in June 1967. Apart from the Arabic symbols on the side of the turret the only major difference is the fitment of heavy calibre machine gun on top of the turret.

As part of Dragon’s ‘Middle East War Series’, this kit is a limited edition ‘50th Anniversary of The Six-Day War’ and if you can still get hold of one, do not hesitate for long. Based on Dragon’s established ’39-‘45’ series, apart from the new gun and substantial mount, there is very little new included here. This is given away by the fact that usual sea of blue ‘Do Not Use’ parts is not as great as you would expect and only 18 parts will be heading for the spares box. All parts are nicely moulded and finish is excellent, especially the ‘metal’ texture of the turret and the upper hull detail.

The build is not as complex as usual Dragon offerings and the large format instruction booklet is easy to read from the outset. The ‘Magic Track’ system is included with its multiple links which are time consuming, but go together well and give a realistic final result. At the rear of the instruction booklet is a grey/black/blue colour/decal guide for a T-34/85 of the Syrian Mechanized Brigade, 1967 and an unidentified T-34 from the same period.

If you are a purest and a collector of limited edition kits this is for you; if you just like T-34s then you may be better either looking at other examples in Dragon range or other alternatives.

Thanks to The Hobby Company who are the UK distributor for this kit. www.hobbyco.net.


Product: Plastic kit

Ref: 3571

Scale: 1/35

Parts: 400+

Price: £53.99 (eModels)

Manufacturer: Dragon

Website: www.dragon-models.com