Dragon have packaged their fine 1/72 Panther G early production variant, complete with zimmerit finish, along with a 1/72 scaled down version of their 1/35 figure set, Achtung-Jabo! set of 1944 panzer crew. 

The basic Panther kit is very nice and offers 4 options for markings.  One from Normandy (1944), and others from the Ardennes (1944), Warsaw (1944) and East Prussia (1945).  The Panther itself has the engine tray to fit under the rear deck, so it isnt hollow through the engine deck grilles, a move which I like.  It also has etched brass parts for the engine deck screens included in the kit.  Both of these moves show the thought that has gone into the design and production of the kit, demonstrating to me how Dragon really aim their kits at modellers.  They have not been beyond mistakes over the years but frankly I can live with those for all the efforts they clearly make to create the kind of models that we as modellers have asked for over the years.  With the addition of the zimmerit finish on this tank, something no-one had attempted in injection moulded kits before, this is a good model. 

If all that wasnt enough, we have the four figures which are just scaled down versions from the larger 1/35 figure set Dragon released some years ago now.  All four are full figures, turning to look where one of their crewmates is pointing in the sky.  Plus, even though few need to be used on these figures, another sprue holds German Gear that has water bottles, binocular cases, entrenching tools, bread bags, ammo pouches, pistol holsters, map cases etc, all of which add valuable accessories to your spares box and fit to any figures or add as loose equipment in a vehicle of other diorama scene. 

Over all a very nice combination. 

Imported into the UK by the Hobby Company, and on sale now.   

For full information on all Dragon products, please see their website, Dragon Models Ltd.