Dutch Armies of the 80 Year’s War 1568-1648 (2)

Cavalry, Artillery & Engineers by Bouko de Groot, Illustrated by Gerry Embleton

This protracted conflict, which also involved France and England, not to mention 17 provinces wrestled control from Spain to create the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. During the lengthy conflict the use of infantry and cavalry improved and the development of weapons such as artillery also took a dramatic turn.

Number 513 in the Men-at-Arms series and the second to be produced by Osprey on the same subject, while the first book focussed on infantry, this one looks at the cavalry, artillery and the engineers. It is broken down into seven chapters, beginning with a useful introduction and a very detailed and informative chronology of the entire conflict. A cavalry chapter looks at their organization, performance in the field, combat drill and their equipment. An artillery chapter is presented in the same way while the engineering chapter looks at bridging, siege and trench warfare. The central ten pages are filled with lovely colour plates by Gerry Embleton and feature banners, cavalry, artillery pieces and engineers of the 1630s.   

An often overlooked period of European history which saw the Europe we know today begin to take shape. Thanks to Osprey for our review copy; this book is available from September 21, 2017.

First published in MM4710


ISBN: 978-1-4728-1914-7

Price: £10.99

Pages: 48

Format: Softback – 184mm x 162mm

Publisher: Osprey Publishing

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