• VXA025 Early Imperial Roman Legionaries. Release date this weekend.
  • RRP £22.95
  • 28mm hard plastic figures.
  • 25 figure multi part figure set.
  • Includes multiple arm and head options.
  • Options to create Praetorian Guard.
  • Command frame includes Centurion, Optio, Aquilifer, Vexilum and Cornicern.
  • Extensive shield transfer range will be available from Little Big Men Studios.
  • VXA026 Early Imperial Roman Legionaries Attacking to be released at Salute 2017.


Below are test shots of the command and legionary frame. One command frame and 5 legionary frames per set. Please note these are test shots and not production shots.
This set will be released at Salute 2017 on Saturday 22 April 2017.
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