Eduard Brassin 1/48 F-14A Exhaust Nozzles

For the modeller who wants to go the extra mile, this exhaust nozzle set will set your 1/48 Tamiya Grumman F-14A Tomcat apart from the rest. This set contains enough parts to upgrade your model F-14s TF30 nozzles complete with one nozzle open and the other closed. It was normal after shutting down the TF30 for the port nozzle to close and starboard to remain open. What you get in this set is six parts in resin made up of the exhaust, nozzle and afterburner cans complete with some nice PE to make it look pretty although a lot of effort will be put in for it almost disappear from view. The nozzles will need some work as they have at least 8mms worth of resin to remove from their base.   

A very high quality set with very clear instructions. Special thanks to Eduard for supplying this product to Mil Mod.


Product: Plastic accessory

Ref: 648311

Parts: 6 (PE sheet x8)

Price: approx £22

Manufacturer: Eduard/Brassin