Light Protected Vehicle for Specialised Forces by Carl Schulze

The lightweight air-transportable, multi-role Mungo transport vehicle first entered German Army (Bundeswehr) service in 2005. This versatile machine can carry up to eight troops or a wide range of logistic items and is powered by a TDI 270 2.8ltr engine. Despite its versatility, all Mungo’s were withdrawn from Afghanistan in 2007 because they could not cope with the harsh conditions, which is a little worrying for such a modern design. Regardless the Bundeswehr has introduced the Mungo 2 Multi-purpose vehicle into service which features a tipper and the Mungo 3, a NBC recce vehicle was also ordered in 2009.    

This dual-language (English & German) Tankograd Special (No.5065) takes a good look at all variants of the Mungo in Bundeswehr service in detail for the very first time. As you would expect from such a modern vehicle, the book is fully illustrated with high quality colour photographs; 150 of them in total.

There does not seem to be a kit out there at the moment for this unusual vehicle; when there is, this book will prove to be a vital source reference material. 

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Price: £13.99

Pages: 64

Format: Softback – A4

Publisher: Tankograd Publishing