Euro Militaire Best of Show 2016 - Atonement

Euro Militaire has been and gone for the 31st year, and 2016 turned out to showcase more truly world class models though short of our record number of entries the year before, and to a high standard across the board.  We will be devoting a full issue of the magazine to it.  In the meantime, here are the full results tables for all the classes.  Just click on the links to see each one.

The photo used as a header for these pages is the 2016 Best of Show winner, “Atonement”, by Michael Kontraros and Kyria Kosimo .  This was also a Gold Medal winner in Class 28.

The Charles Davis Award for 2015 went to Peter Buckingham - “Ryan PT-22 to S-T-35 Prototype”.  This also won a Gold Medal in Class 34.

The Great War Trophy went to David Zabrocki - “Major, Royal Field Artillery, The Somme, 1916”.  This also won a Gold Medal in Class 1.

The Mike Taylor Memorial Trophy, went to Daniel Canet for his “Hommage a Mike Taylor”.  This also won a Gold Medal in Class 19.

Congratulations to all those who entered, whether winners or not, and extra congratulations to all those who won an award of any level. 

Once you have checked all these, maybe some of you will already be planning for next year, which will mark 32 years of Euro Militaire....

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(Just one note, apologies if any names have been spelt incorrectly or are incomplete.  These have been taken from handwritten results sheets and some are not always easy to read, so I hope you will bear with me.  You can let me know if you have a correction and I can update them.  Robin)