Italeri 1/46 F15C Eagle

The F-15 has been about for some year now and is still an impressive aircraft.  Built originally for air defence, it has since been developed into a very capable ground attack aircraft.  In this case though we stick with the air superiority version.

In 1/48 the F-15 is a large model.  The cockpit and nose is the starting point, and features transfers for the instrument panels and the seat belts to go on the ejector seat.  Then the main fuselage, jet intakes and exhausts.  For the intakes you can see the front of the compressor fans buried back inside, or cover them with the FOD covers for an aircraft on the ground.  The exhausts even feature the separate, individual actuators which allow the petals of the exhaust to be opened/closed.  Then add the wings, tails and undercarriage.  Other options include whether you want the canopy open or closed, and the big air-brake behind it open or closed.  You can also fit the nose cone closed, or open with the radar scanner there to be seen.  With the airframe done you add all the under-wing stores, which include both Sparrow and Sidewinder missiles, along with a large drop tank..

For colours and markings there are four options provided.  All of thm are in the two tone grey scheme of Light and Dark Ghost Grey.  Option A is for an aircraft with the 58th TFS, 33rd TFW at Tabuk air base in Saudi Arabia during March 1991. B is in the markings of the 71st TFS, 1st TFW, at Dhahran in Saudi Arabia during January 1991.  C moves location for a moment, with an aircraft of the 525th TFS, 36th TFW at Incirlik air base in Turkey, January 1991. Finally option D, for an F15 with the Royal Saudi Air Force, from their 13th Sqn, in Saudi Arabia during January 1991.  In addition to the individual aircraft markings, you will also find that other indication of modern kit releases, a host of smaller airframe and pylon/weapons stencils which have three pages of the instructions devoted to showing you where they all go.

Thanks to The Hobby Company, who are the UK importers for the Italeri range for our example and this kit is available now.

For details of Italeri kits, check their website.