Flower Class Corvettes

A ShipCraft Special by John Lambert & Les Brown

The Flower-Class of corvette was a straight forward design which was intended to be built by shipyards with little experience of producing military vessels. However, there was a dire shortage of anti-submarine vessels at the beginning of the Second World War needed for convoy duties and by the end of the conflict 267 Corvettes had been built.

This book is part of the ‘ShipCraft’ series which focusses on a particular warship and all associated kits. The book is packed to the gunnels with period black and white and colour photography, detailed plans, colour profiles and detailed diagrams of specific parts of the ship. A modeller’s showcase section gives the range of scales still out there from 1/700 White Ensign kit to the Matchbox and later Revell 1/72 version. As no two Flower-Class Corvettes looked the same, especially after various modifications, this is great opportunity to have a crack at a military ship model; you do have all the reference material you need in one book!   

Thanks to Charlie Simpson at Pen & Sword for our review copy.

First published in MM4711

ISBN: 978-1-84832-064-2

Price: £16.99

Pages: 128

Format: Softback – 297mm x 210mm

Publisher: Seaforth Publishing

Website: www.seaforthpublishing.com