British Cold War Military Trucks by Carl Schulze

Edwin Foden, Sons & Co. was first established at Sandbach, Cheshire back in 1856, initially specialising in agricultural equipment. It first ventured into lorry production at the turn of the 20th Century with a series of steam powered vehicles but by 1930 saw the potential in diesel. However, it was not until the post-WW2 that Foden trucks enjoyed a serious period of success, the combination of an economic downturn and a despite a massive new factory, the 1970s bit hard. However, the MoD partly came to the rescue and between 1974 and 1983 Foden delivered over 1,200 of its successful Low Mobility Load Carrier Trucks.

  This duel language (German/English) book by Carl Schulze takes a close look at the complicated family of Foden trucks in service with the British Army. Officially designated as the FV11701/702 and 703, the military bodywork for these 16-ton trucks was produced by Marshall’s of Cambridge. Packed with 110 colour and a dozen black and white photographs, this book presents an excellent history of this unsung workhorse which continued to serve up to a few years ago. The narrative is broken up by one great photo after another and sections/chapters include details of the FV11703, Tipper, Tanker (Fuel 12,500 & 22,500ltr), Tractor for the 155mm Howitzer, Limber FH70, Recovery Vehicle, Demountable Rack Offload and Pickup System (DROPS), Foden Improved Medium Mobility Load Carrier (IMMLC) and COBRA (Counter Battery RAdar) System.   

By the time I had finished reading this great little book I had gained at least another dozen ideas for scratchbuilt scenarios thanks to this diverse military machine and the equally diverse range of supporting photographs.

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Price: £13.99

Pages: 64

Format: Softback – A4

Publisher: Tankograd Publishing