German Armour Lost on the Western Front

Images of War by Bob Carruthers

Approximately 10,000 AFVs were lost by the German forces on the Western Front during the Second World War, so images of these disabled machines are pretty common. This latest in the Images at War series focusses on this grim subject with a selection of over 200 photographs many of which are quite graphic with regard to remains of their crews. The wrecked vehicles are all pictured in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Italy and the vast majority are unpublished or at least new to me while others are certainly doing the rounds on the internet. There is only a short introduction and then the book just launches into the images from page nine through to 144 without interruption. Obviously each image is captioned, a few very comprehensively while the vast majority are a little on the short side and you are left wanting a little more information.

Not the best in the series, but from an image point of view, the modeller who enjoys the challenge of building a knocked out tank will find this book very, very useful.

Thanks to Pen & Sword for our review copy which is available direct from their website.


ISBN: 978-1-47386852-1

Price: £14.99

Pages: 144

Format: Softback – 245mm x 190mm

Publisher: Pen & Sword